2. Xplain Python Package (XplainPy)

The Python interface builds upon the web API. The plain web API allows you to run queries against the Object Analytics backend from within any environment which allows you to run ajax requests. With the Python interface, however, you may do that more conveniently from within a Python environment. In particular, it will be more convenient to interpret the returend results, as those are directly loaded into data structures which you might well know how to use (e.g. into a Pandas data frame).

One scenarion of using the Python interface is having a Python environment on your local system, and locally develop your Python script, in which you run queries against the Object Analytics backend. For that you need to have the Xplain Python Package (XplainPy) installed in your local Python environment. You thereby may use Python in parallel with the XOE by shareing a session.

A later version of the Object Analytics backend will also allow to store and execute Python code server side, such that this code may be a part of an analytical solution which is available to other users as well.