4. Glossary

  • ObjectAnalytics Database: our backend holding data in an object-centric way and handling queries to those data, sometimes simply abbreviated as “Backend” or “Server”.

  • Xplain ObjectExplorer: our generic, domain independent visual frontend to connect to an Xplain Data backend, sometimes abbreviated as XOE or OE.

  • XplainJs: if you are a JavaScript programmer, this is our JavaScript interface to your data. XplainJs consists of two packages: XplainDB and XplainUX. XplainDB enables you to easily access data from our backend using JavaScript. If you are using Sencha’s ExtJs, you might want to have a look at XplainUX which consists of a bunch of standard user interfaces that enables you to easily visualize data stemming from our backend.

  • XplainPy: this is our Python interface that enables you to easily access Xplain Data objects & queries from your Python application.

  • xtable: each xtable file stores the data related to one Xplain object or sub-object (node in the object tree). Importing data means importing into a xtable. A number of those xtabels are then hooked together to form a complex object.

  • xattribute: catalog data is stored within these files.

  • xstartup: defines which xtables are hooked together, which additional attributes and other artifacts are attached to dimensions of those xtables. The resulting Object View is then exposed to users as thier starting point for analysis.

  • session: or analysis session …